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Edie’s Place

Edie grew up in the lowlands of Holland in a suburban street much like any other. Her bedroom window looked out on a park where the shoots of the emerald green grass pointed up to the trees, who pointed up to a sky that was grey more often than not.
She dreamed of floating away. When she was just old enough to drive she rode a plane across the Atlantic to a new life in America.
Rising up into the bank of clouds she broke free in to the blue blue sky.

All art is a sort of remembering. Edie’s paintings and drawings recall the naivety and the wonder of childhood. The characters in her stories (all art also tells a story) are amazed by the world around them.
Dangling on balloons over cities, gazing out on moonlit nights and blood red sunsets, their naive faces are an example to us all. They remind us that no matter how far you’ve come on your journey, the real voyage of discovery comes not by meeting new horizons but by seeing them with new eyes.

She lives and works in New York City.