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Who is Edie?

Edie grew up in the lowlands of Holland in a suburban street much like any other. Her homeland has contributed some of the great names in art history from Vermeer to Van Gogh yet painting was not her first calling.

At the aged 19 she left home on a worldwide odyssey that would take her from Paris to Sydney and eventually land her in Los Angeles two years later.
There she began to perform music, making a name for herself as a singer-songwriter in the city’s
burgeoning folk scene. Between 2001 and 2007 she released four albums and toured extensively across  America and Northern Europe. Her music has appeared in films and as the soundtrack for radio plays.

Around the age of 25, on a year’s sabbatical back home in Amsterdam, something happened to her.    Maybe it was the ghosts of all those Dutch masters willing her to do it but, for whatever reason, Edie began to paint.

She began experimenting with pastels and oil, working through the night till she had a finished piece in the morning. She did this for weeks on end discovering not only a profound love of the art form but an instinctive feel for color.

Back in the United States, she relocated to Nashville where her painting began to develop her distinct style. She painted female nudes and street scenes reminiscent of Marc Chagall and Edvard Munch. But it wasn’t until she moved to New York that she really began to find her feet. She moved from pastels to acrylic and as her style matured the people in the paintings, ironically, got younger.

Childhood became the central theme of her work.

Although she had already exhibited in Nashville, in New York she began to find a wider audience for the art. Her paintings appeared in West Village children’s boutiques, galleries and at art fairs all over the city. Last year, her art was featured in the Union Square Holiday Market in Manhattan where she had a store selling prints and originals.

A number of her images have been licensed by greeting cards companies in Holland and America and she has been commissioned several times to paint murals in daycare centers and in private homes.

Children and adults respond to her art. The word fans of Edie’s work most often use to describe it is ‘whimsical’ and it’s true that the grace and playfulness of her artistic vision is so beguiling it’s almost impossible to look at her work and not smile.
The characters in her pictures are amazed by the world around them. They fly in hot air balloons, perch on tree branches and walk hand in hand through landscapes filled with bubbles and warm and vibrant colors.

She says of her work:

“Art is not really about a learned technique, not about speculation of what a listener/viewer will hear/see, not really about re-creating.
It is about just opening certain channels and letting light and darkness flow. Just as they naturally would.
It’s about daring to give up any control over these things that art is NOT about. It’s about capturing a moment, a glimpse, an idea, a feeling.
It’s about going into a place where nothing else exists except for the moment and the act of creating.”

She lives and works in New York City.