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Que Divertido es Comer Fruta!

Out now in stores in Spain and on the website of the publisher: Cuento de Luz
heck the link to browse the book and to order it!
Out in the US and other countries in 2015.


Welcome to the Ballooniverse

Welcome to the Ballooniverse is a collective effort of children’s poetry.
The book was put together in the fall of 2012 with poems from poets all over the world.
The poems were all inspired by Edie’s balloon-themed paintings.
There are 18 poems and 24 paintings to enjoy in this lovely collection.
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Monsters and Angels

Monsters and Angels is Edie’s first written effort. It was written in 2007 and illustrated, edited and self-published in the fall of 2012.
It is a book for young readers (age 7-9), it is 60 pages long and has 7 full-color illustrations. Read a few pages HERE
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When Ellie is visited in the night by a strange and colorful
little creature called Belfy, she begins an adventure that leads
her as far away as the wild ocean and as near at hand as the
local park. Without ever leaving her bedroom, she meets
brave sea captains, the lonely souls of the city and the birds
and squirrels that hide in the treetops.

Through these encounters Ellie learns that
monsters and angels come with a thousand faces
and that the horizon is never as far away as it seems.

What means that? is the first children’s book illustrated by Edie and written by Paul Willis.
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“The sun shone for you that day
and that same night the moon
and the stars lit up the sky only
for you. That was the day you
were born; that was your first
night in this world.


The second book Edie and Paul made together is called The Coloring Book
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Sheila woke one day to find the
color had drained from the world.
At first she was heartbroken.
Then she had an idea.

“The trick is to enjoy the senses,”
said Butterfly. “Love each sunset,
all the delicious smells
and every charming song.
Don’t worry about what’s been lost;
cherish everything you have.”




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