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“Shades” is Edie’s first record.
It was written and recorded in Los Angeles in 2002 and consists of 10 songs.

Shades - Edie

The second album is “Nu” (Dutch for ‘now’, French for ‘naked’). It was written and recorded in several places; L.A., Amsterdam and Nashville.

NU - Edie

Third came “Realities”, made in Nashville with Martin Motola, like the other albums. The songs were mostly written by Edie, some co-written with Motola and most of the song production was done by Motola and Edie in a home studio.
The track “Through” from this cd enjoyed some attention in the movie ‘Zerophilia’.

Realities - Edie


The last album Edie did wrote in 2008 and the release was a collaboration with Dutch producer and musician Theo de Jong.  The record was released under the AG Music label in Alkmaar and enjoyed quite a bit of radio play in The Netherlands.

Songs - Edie
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